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Local Contacts


Mesquite Tree in Dean (940) 224-6079

Sisk Road Stables in Wichita Falls (940) 631-7872

Legacy Park Equestrian Center (Cruse Acres) in Wichita Falls (940) 767-9284

Griffin Cattle and Equine in Holliday (940) 704-8840

Turtle Creek Stables in Wichita Falls  (940) 691-6291

Triple H at Parkhill Stables in Wichita Falls (940) 631-0038

Homestead Equine Stables in Wichita Falls (940) 636-6888

Stephanie Parker in Iowa Park (940) 631-5644

Lonestar Boarding in Wichita Falls (940) 781-6798


Horseback Riding Lessons

Kutie Performance Horses in Bowie (940) 841-0885 (western, reining, dressage, all level English)

Whispers of Hope in Wichita Falls, (940) 696-8044 (challenged students, horsemanship, pleasure riding, show preparation, English and western)

Lisa Jolley (greater WF area) (713) 299-7708 (English, dressage, western, reining, showmanship)

Oxbow Cow Horses in Holliday (940) 224-1575 (western, ranch/stock/cow horse, dressage)

Texoma Equestrian at Mesquite Tree Farm (940) 704-8840 (all level English, jumping, dressage, and eventing)

Kasey Kono-Badoyen in Wichita Falls (808)  344-2466 (western, barrels, play day prep, beginner English)

Griffin Cattle and Equine in Holliday (940) 704-8840 (western, roping, playday prep)

Renaissance Farms, north Texas (713) 299-7708 (Reining, dressage, all level lessons)

Dreamcatcher Acres in southern OK (940) 923-8940 (beginner English and western)

Brandy Stevenson in Electra (Chris Cox Certified) (907) 232-9179

Sean Mayfield Performance Horses in Hastings, OK (817) 688-1618 (western, showing, performance)

Two Setting Suns Paint Farm in Kaymay (940) 674-5363 (beginner/intermediate western, queen contest preparation, English)

Triple H Training at Parkhill in Wichita Falls (940) 631-0038 (western, barrels)

Nadya with Legacy Horse Training in Wichita Falls (806) 410-4232 (English and western)


Leather Repair

In-house repair available NOW! J.D. with the Saddle Horn, in-store.

Will Burgess in Graham (STORE PARTNER), (940) 521-9976

Burk Boot Shop in Burkburnett (940) 228-6366

Custom Leather Works in Burkburnett (940) 569-9969

Brown's Custom Leather in Paradise (940) 210-9319

Campos Leather in Wichita Falls (940) 767-2455



Kutie Performance Horses in Bowie (940) 841-0885 (western, reining, dressage, English, sales)

Oxbow Cutting Horses in Holliday (940) 224-1575 (western, cutting, reining, all level dressage)

Griffin Cattle and Equine in Holliday (940) 704-8840 (western, roping, breaking)

Caleb Hindi in Electra (970) 275-0201 (western, colt starting, horsemanship)

Brandy Stevenson Horsemanship (Chris Cox Certified in Electra) (907) 232-9179 (cow horses, reining, western, colt starting)

Crumpler Cutting Horses in Wichita Falls (940) 867-1998(western, cutting)

River Fun Ranch in Lawton (580) 232-0231

Jonesy Training in Archer City (970) 214-0409 (western, breaking)

Dustin Smith in Harper (325) 315-3522

McCalip Cutting Horses in Wichita Falls (940) 782-2396 (cutting)

Monte McNeely in Wichita Falls (940) 642-6580 (western, roping)

Cassidy Teague in Dean (580) 678-1771 (western, barrels, speed events)

Russel Harrison in Dean (940) 631-3861

Legacy Horse Training in Wichita Falls (806) 410-4232

Chris Littlefield in Henrietta (940) 232-1804 (western, roping)

Texoma Equestrian at Mesquite Tree in Dean (940) 704-8840 (English)

Solo Select Performance Horses in north Texas (940) 733-8581 (performance, cow horses, sales)

DK Barrel Horses in Wichita Falls (940) 564-0348

Sean Mayfield Performance Horses in Hastings, OK (817) 688-1618 (colt starting, showing, performance, sales)

Bodie Crabtree (940) 229-2381 Henrietta, TX (colt starting, ranch training and sales)

Craft Horse Training and Colt Starting in Wichita Falls, TX (940) 631-7301

Miller Performance Horses in Devol, OK (940) 631-5007(calf roping, barrels, sales)

Johnson Performance Horses, OK (580) 276-0662  (English and western lessons, training, H/J, stock horse, and more)

Renaissance Farms, north Texas (713) 299-7708 (Reining, dressage, all level lessons and training

Rein with Grace Horsemanship by Rachel Anderson (Oklahoma) CHA Certified English and western (405) 837-8703

Marki Cleveland, Wichita Falls, TX (940) 923-2535 (barrels, play day prep, speed events)


SS Horseshoeing (Nikki Smith) in Wichita Falls (940) 337-0413

Nick Ross in Wichita Falls (940) 337-2573

Matt Watson in Wichita Falls (940) 733-4892

Brittani Johnson in Wichita Falls (940) 247-1999

Luke Morrison in Wichita Falls (940) 781-7304

Brady Bowles in Bowie (940) 284-1854

Dusty Goehring in Iowa Park (940) 249-4035

Jody Collins in greater Wichita Falls (940) 282-7027

Alicia Honea in Wichita Falls (940) 224-5737

Rex Hand in Wichita Falls (940) 229-9071

Ken Rhodes in Wichita Falls (940) 655-4885

Emily Paul-Duffield in north Texas/ OK (405)-204-1664

Gary Belvin in Wichita Falls  (580) 585-0122

Weldon Thaggard in Wichita Falls (940) 636-0177

Wesley Buranaphan (940) 210-7200

Pancho Torrez in greater Wichita Falls area (940) 255-4073

Wesley Buranaphan in Wichita Falls area (940) 210-7200

Garrett Reed in north Texas/southern OK (580) 471-9238

Jared Dyer in Wichita Falls area (405) 990-1715


Equine Vets/Therapy

Harlan and Simmons in Wichita Falls (940) 723-4054

Dry Fork Vet in Henrietta (940) 538-5439

LNJ MagnaWave (travels) (580) 591-0500

Outlaw Equine in Decatur (940) 626-8387

Dr. Don Lee with XX Equine (travels) (940) 682-1994


Competition Organizations (Local)

     Barrels/Play Day:

MP3 Barrel Productions

Bar G Barrel Productions

J&J Barrel Productions

TOBRA Barrel Productions

NBHA Texas 142

TCC Arena

WCMP Youth Play Day Series

Red River Riding Association



Wichita Horse Committee Expo



Straight Up Productions

TCC Arena

5 H Arena


Pony Rides: Wuthrich Pony Rides in Wichita Falls

Carriage Rides: PTL Carriages in Wichita Falls (940) 631-7872

Trail Rides (Griffin Cattle and Equine) in Holliday (940) 704-8840


Equine Massage/Chiropractors

Dr. Brent Boozer in Wichita Falls (580) 656-7351

Weldon Thaggard in Wichita Falls (940) 636-0177

Matthew Salim (Archer City Chiropractic) in Archer City (940) 337-0811

Dr. Gary Marr in Purcell, OK (405) 875-7272

James Enis, travels. (501) 472-2417

Outlaw Equine in Decatur (940) 626-8387

The Gentle Equine Touch Equine, travels. (661) 755-9882

Lee Bates in Wichita Falls (940) 733-9169

Gypsy King in Wichita Falls (940) 631-4869


Feed Stores/Hay

Rocking D Hay Sales in Wichita Falls (940) 782-5296

David Wright (Hay) in Wichita Falls (940) 636-4404

Feed and Garden Store in Wichita Falls (940)761-1227

Holliday Feed in Wichita Falls (940) 586-1288

Kerr Feed and Grain in Henrietta (940) 538-4354

Wichita Feed Store (940) 723-1423

Berend Brothers in Wichita Falls (940)  723-2735

Atwoods and Tractor Supply also have Wichita Falls and Burkburnett locations.


Madson's has adjusted the store's policies regarding local listings. If you have any updates or edits, please contact us directly. Training and services must be listed by individuals in good standing with the community, and inappropriate conduct may be grounds for removal. We will not tolerate harassment or bullying or any kind.

If you or someone you know would like to be added to the list, give us a call or e-mail!  As always, please do your research on trainers and anyone working with your horses, starting with referrals and an internet search. Good organizations to check with include USEF, AQHA, AHA, SHOT, ACHA, etc.

Additional resources can be found via  Texas Horseman's Directory.